This is not a sponsored post or an advertisement, I was given the product as an unconditional gift, and I wanted to see if it could be used for children like mine.

Ok sure, this isn’t a cool post, it’s about a nappy bin basically, but stick around – some of you might find this interesting…

When I was with the lovely people at Tommee Tippee discussing products I asked if they had ever considered making a bigger nappy disposal system. “We do, we make it under a different brand, and care homes buy them commercially”. Well, I got very excited by this, not that nappies excite me, but if there was a better way of disposing of the bloomin smelly things then I’m interested!

“Let us send you one, do you think anyone would buy it?” they asked. Errrrr yes, I know of several thousand parents with special needs children who would be very interested!

So it arrived yesterday. I’ll be honest, I’ve tested nicer products, it’s hardly something I want to enjoy using, but the important thing is, does it work?

Yup. It’s big, they say it will take 60 nappies, I guess it depends on the relative size of the bottom they are removed from, but this is like a kitchen bin, and not a small one.

You can put a bin liner inside, and a ring holds it in place, you can then fold the liner in on itself, put the lid on which is as close to airtight as you will get, and you should have a convenient smell free system.

It takes the same cartridges as the baby product, you buy them in any supermarket, and that’s it, simple to use, easy to keep clean, it doesn’t need to do anything else really. Personally, I think parents with babies may prefer the bigger system, much more convenient.

My only reservation is that if the package you are disposing of is too big, it may not fit in the hole, you may need to condense it down a bit (squash it, basically) so it fits. But using it today nappies have gone in, and Ben is the size of an adult that’s eaten his body weight in toast, so he’s not little!

I like it a lot. Ask questions, give me your thoughts, if enough people wanted this they might very well put it into the retail market, but we need to create a buzz. Or a whiff. No, let’s stick with buzz…

Over to you, please share and get people discussing it.



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