Wow, I’ve really been rubbish keeping this up to date haven’t I! Good intentions and all that…

I think with all the hype from a few weeks back it just exhausted me. I have a huge hunger for writing and so want to be putting my thoughts into some articles, but I have just struggled to find the motivation to get started again.

We have the Christmas tree installed, it was quite a job getting it in the house, to be honest. It looked smaller in the field before they cut it down. The problem wasn’t the height, more the width. The clue should have been when they couldn’t fit it through those devices that wrap them in netting, and the second clue should have been when I was trapped in the back of the car by the thing while Mandy drove us home with Sammi in the front.

Getting it in took a lot of effort and swearing. I find the swearing makes the job easier somehow, it helped get the tree through the tight doorways and around the corners. I also managed to fall out with Sammi over it, as he thought ‘lift’ meant hold it a foot off the ground. I should have been clearer; I guess he was lifting it as he said. I meant over the armchair though, he argued he was, then dropped it and went to make a cup of tea…

Eventually, we got it in place, and I do think it looks lovely. It’s just incredibly broad, round almost. I’ve added a pic, you decide. We chose white and silver with several red decorations to add a splash of colour. Get me going all ‘Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’!

It was always that shape, we took some of the branches off the sides to make it fit, and a stick off the top as it was too tall, but it was always a round looking tree.

Now it’s just the countdown. The kids are doing ok, Ben wanted to leave home yesterday, and Sammi is in the super-sarcastic mode just now, Ayesha is keeping pretty calm though. The big question is will they crash after the big day. We are hoping the presents they have will mean we won’t see them again until Easter so we won’t have a clue if they crash, we just need to keep them fed and watered!

I love them really

So how about you, is your tree up? Do you go real or artificial? Can you compete with us on size or difficulty getting it in the house?

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