This is Tayen, she’s 5 ( almost 6!) and comes from Bridgwater in Somerset.
Tayen has a genetic condition called Nf1 which causes tumours to grow along nerves in her body. She’s on chemo for the second time and is fully blind, has epilepsy, hydrocephalus and has bilateral shunts.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking little Tayen curls up and feels sorry for herself, her mummy says she’s a

“Little Powerhouse of life and fun!”

Tayen has fallen in love with her brothers monkey from Mothercare, Mum bought a spare for him when he was a baby (he’s now 12 so it’s certainly discontinued) and Tayen has fallen in love with it and called it Milly.

Milly needs a wash and Tayen was less than impressed with this!

Mum can’t seem to get hold of another to rotate them. If nothing else for hygiene reasons, especially with Tayen being on chemotherapy.

Tayen also has her very own FaceBook Page if you would like to follow her journey and share her story – CLICK HERE FOR TAYEN’S JOURNEY

Can YOU help? Have you got a cheeky monkey the same as Milly lurking in a cupboard at home?

Let’s go searching, heating and sharing, and remember everyone – get your friends and family to do the same, and their friends and family and theirs etc…

Marc, Allan, Carly and the LittleBlueCup Crew xxx

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