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Support Us

We have helped 159 families find 1597 items.

Not bad going eh! Just think what we could do if we were bigger….

Now, we really need a little help ourselves.

The Project is run by volunteers, the Page itself basically costs nothing to run other than a lot of time, but it’s managed by the bigger Project which costs money – to host and develop the website, the email system, the social media management system – and there is even a ‘system’ being built to manage searches.

Individual families helped

Items found

Currently, we are running on thin air, all the money we have been donated has long gone, our monthly costs are approximately £300 without anything like wages our own expenses, Marc is covering this from his own pocket. So every month we start off minus £300 and have to somehow find the difference.

Next week Marc is travelling to London to represent LittleBlueCup at a charity event we have been invited to, but the train fairs alone are £120.

To get on with the bigger Project, to challenge the conversation around Autism, to prove the needs of our children both now and as they grow into adults, to make an impact…. we need equipment, we need resources, we need to pay for train fairs and travel costs, we need to pay for skills. Oh, and we need to pay the bills!

We are going to grow and grow and make a difference, make that impact, educate, show the World. But we need YOUR help.

If you are unable to donate you can help us without giving us a penny, just by signing up for EasyFundraising.

If you are able to donate through PayPal or GoFundMe then thank you, we are so very grateful for your kindness and generosity.

If you would like to do more then why not become a Patron? You can join our special friends at Patreon and pledge a small monthly amount. This really adds up and makes a difference, and you will be part of our exclusive members’ club.


Thank you for your continued support.

Allan, Carly, Marc &
The LittleBlueCup Crew xx


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