Alys Needs You to Find a White Tiger Soft Toy

This is our new friend Alys. She is 3-years-old and lives with her Mum, Dad and cat Tilly in Swansea. At her nursery, they have this White Tiger Soft Toy, although Alys thinks it is a cat just like her very own Tilly.

Alys is mad about animals, especially cats, and this toy tiger is the first thing she hunts for as soon as she gets to nursery. We REALLY need to find Alys her own ‘Kitten’, or several, so she can have her favourite toy at home as well as at nursery.

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How are you related to Alys?

I'm her Mum

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Tell us a little about Alys...

Alys is at nursery at present where this White Tiger lives. She is massively into animals, and especially cats which she thinks this toy is. She’s very good with numbers and letters and bouncing! Alys loves to get messy and play with water and sand. She adores her nannies and misses them terribly at the moment as they don’t live close.

What can you tell us about Alys' disabilities and additional needs?

Alys is autistic with extra-sensory processing difficulties. She finds extreme comfort in holding certain toys. This tiger is the main one and it’s broken. She has meltdowns and struggles separating from or sharing the tiger with others.

We are still working our way through the pathway and it’s early days.

Tell us a little about Kitten...

This is a White Tiger Soft Toy with a brown and pink nose. It has great big eyes. It originally came on a stick to walk it but we don’t need that bit. It looks like the TY type toys but isn’t made by them. It doesn’t make a noise or move independently. It belongs to her nursery and she has become very attached to it. It used to be available online through a company called MX wholesale but it’s out of stock now and they don’t know if it will ever be restocked. The label says MGL Ltd and a postcode of LL18 5HY. A search for this was not successful. It’s not available anywhere else that we can find. They do an orange tiger and a giraffe but she’s not interested in those. It has to be the tiger.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Kitten - who made it, where it came from, etc

MX Wholesalers. We’ve messaged them and they’ve said it’s out of stock with no idea of if or when it’ll come back. The label states MGL Ltd with postcode LL18 5HY. It has a batch number MU7816.

Why is Kitten so important?

It means comfort. She had it with her all the time. Alys needs the comfort of something in her hands at most times, especially if anxious or upset. She feels this most at nursery, and this tiger helps her so much. It’s with her in nearly all photos nursery share of her, even down to being on the table when she is eating. But it belongs to the nursery, so it doesn’t come home. It is also broken, which Alys struggles with. And of course, at some point Alys’ time at nursery will come to an end. We really need to find her some of these tigers.

How would you describe the current situation?

This soft toy is at nursery. We need one at home as she gets extremely upset and angry when she has to leave it behind. It’s the first thing she searches for when she gets there in the morning. We would love to have her own one for comfort outside of school times as we know how happy it makes her.

Alys is our world. She is an IVF baby after many struggles, and to see her struggling with her disorders is heartbreaking. Alys is such a sweet caring girl who finds loud, busy places very difficult. She struggles at nursery and finds it hard to make friends with other children. She seeks out adult company, to whom you wouldn't even realise she has struggles. She loves to talk and her vocab skills are amazing. She just needs a little comfort in her times of anxiety and this toy has proven invaluable at nursery so will help at home also. If we could find this 1 little toy to bring her some joy when she's struggling and upset it would make me the happiest mummy in the world. She is an amazing little girl who has a heart as big as her personality.


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