Can you Find Troy Some Where’s Chicky Plush Teddies?

Say ‘hi’ to our new buddy Troy everyone! Troy is 2-years-old, and he lives in Kettering with his Mummy, Daddy James, his brother Junior, his 2 sisters Kaycee and Evy, and his pet Mushu. Troy loves teddy’s and soft toys, they are his everything, his playthings, and his friends.

Troy is Autistic, non-verbal, and has sensory needs.  We need you to help track down some Where’s Chicky Soft Plush toys for Troy. He had one, and it has been lost, and Troy is so sad without it. Can you help?

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How are you related to Troy?

I'm his Mummy

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Tell us a little about Troy...

My beautiful boy, Troy, is autistic, non-verbal, and he has sensory needs. He is in love with soft teddy’s and carries them with him everywhere. He lost his Where’s Chicky plush which is from his favourite TV programme. Troy sleeps with this every night, he took it with him to nursery and they couldn’t find it. He has struggled to sleep since and gets upset when he is watching it and can’t find his teddy. It is absolutely heartbreaking.

What can you tell us about Troy's disabilities and additional needs?

Troy is non-verbal, autistic, and has sensory problems. He will start at a special needs school next year.

Tell us a little about Chicky...

I purchased this from Amazon 2 years ago. Since then it has not been available to buy again. I have been unable to find a replacement. It’s around 30cm tall and a plush

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Can you tell us any specific details about Chicky - who made it, where it came from, etc

I got it from Amazon, I don’t know any details about the manufacturer. I have tried contacting Amazon but I just get told they no longer stock it.

Why is Chicky so important?

Troy has no friends and his only hobby is his teddy’s. This one is extremely important to him and he finds great comfort from this it’s irreplaceable.

How would you describe the current situation?

It is missing, we have searched everywhere, but we can’t find it. Troy is so sad without it, he’s not sleeping well, and he misses it so badly.

My baby is my world and it's breaking me seeing him so hurt and I can't fix it. Troy is the kindest, most loving, and funny boy you would ever meet. Finding a new Chicky would truly make his whole world.


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