Can you Help Eve Find Some Tiger Teddy’s from Card Factory?

This is our new friend Eve, say Hi everyone! Eve is from Argyll and Bute on the West coast of Scotland, where she lives with her Mum and Step-Mum. Eve is 9-years-old, and she loves animals and playing outdoors for hours on end.

Eve is currently going through the relentless assessment process for Autism and a range of associated diagnoses. We really need your help to find Eve lots of new Tiger Teddy’s from Card Factory. Do you have one hidden away in a cupboard?

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I'm her Step Mum

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Tell us a little about Eve...

Eve loves to play, she adores the outdoors and will spend hours on adventures. She loves animals, and no surprise the toys she plays with most are all animals! She loves to go swimming, go to the beach, and spend time with her family.

What can you tell us about Eve's disabilities and additional needs?

Eve is currently going through the diagnosis process and at our recent appointment we were told she may have autism, SPD, ADD, ADHD and Dyspraxia. She sees many specialists, occupational therapy and psychologists. Eve has sensory problems, and does not cope well with loud noises. Eve struggles with social queues, and has great difficulty with changes in her routine. She frequently finds it difficult to control her emotions. Eve does not see dangers in some situations and she doesn’t have the balance and coordination that most children her age do. Despite all this she is such a happy girl with some close friends at school.

Tell us a little about Tigery...

The tiger teddy was bought from Card Factory around 8/9 years ago. It is around 30cm in length and has stripes. It was brought out in the traditional tiger colour and also in white. I have attached pictures I found of the original teddy as hers is now worn and has no stripes anymore. I believe the label said “Cuddling Collection”

The Tigery Tracker

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Can you tell us any specific details about Tigery - who made it, where it came from, etc

Card Factory, we received no response when emailed about it.

Why is Tigery so important?

Eve was given this teddy when she was a baby and has had it ever since, she sleeps with him every single night and cannot sleep without him. We recently found the same teddy online and the woman who posted it was willing to post for the money but backed out last minute and blocked me which has left us feeling deflated. Eve lost tigery one time and she was very upset and could not sleep without him, but we did manage to find him again, thankfully. We are terrified if this were to happen again, having no back up for her. This teddy has given Eve so much emotional support over her whole life and we’d be so grateful if anyone could find another for her.

How would you describe the current situation?

We really need spares to last Eve for as long as she needs her Tigery

I took on Eve when she was just 5 years old, now at 9 years old she has grown into such a kind little girl. She is always cuddling her Tigery and there's not been a day in the past that she has been without him. He is her only comfort when she is overloaded and upset. She gives me and her mam reason and she keeps us on our toes! I wouldn't change being her step mum for the world!


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