Can You Help Kitty Find Some Flat Sheep Comforters?

This is our little friend Kitty – say Hi!  Kitty lives with her Mummy, Daddy, sister’s Delilah and Tabby, and her big brother, Amos.  They all live in Canterbury in Kent. Kitty absolutely loves music and drawing.

Kitty has Autism, as does her identical twin sister.  She finds so much comfort in Sheepy, who is her favourite thing, a Flat Sheep Comforter.  This was made several years ago by a small craft company, possibly an individual.  This is going to be hard to find but someone out there must have one – please help spread the search far and wide.

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Tell us a little about Kitty...

Kitty is 5 years old and she just loves music and drawing. She has a pet cat called Pookus, who is one of her best friends (along with her sisters). She’s excellent at summing up a situation in a picture. Just recently she drew me flying in a plane, when she explained it was me going to see grandad in heaven.

What can you tell us about Kitty's disabilities and additional needs?

Kitty has autism, along with her identical twin sister.

She is one of life’s worriers and tries so hard to do everything right. This causes her a lot of stress.

She masks all the time when she’s out and at school and her one and only comforter is Sheepy. So she really really needs him to help her get back to a calm and happy little girl.

When he’s been lost before she’s been so stressed she picks her skin, bites her hands and cannot sleep.

Tell us a little about Sheepy...

This sheep was made by a small English company probably 3 or 4 years ago. I no longer know who they are, as she rubbed the tag to death. It was bought from a small boutique type shop in Woodbridge England, sadly it wasn’t given when it was bought so by the time she received it and became attached it was not longer available anywhere. It is a flat sheep comforter, called sheepy here, made of some sort of cotton fleecy material. His legs are made of zig zag patterned fabric and plain fabric.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Sheepy - who made it, where it came from, etc

It came from a small company in the Uk. That’s all I know. Sorry

Why is Sheepy so important?

Sheepy, or Mr Kellogg’s (from when she hand-washed him and he came out smelling like cornflakes 🤷🏼‍♀️) is a massive part of kitty’s life, she cannot sleep without him. She needs him to calm when she gets upset.

How would you describe the current situation?

Sheepy is becoming quietly knackered. I’m hoping that someone else has a sheepy who can come join the flock. Then when he does finally fall apart, we will have a Mrs sheepy in reserve. Plus we can get Mrs sheepy broken in.

Kitty is a warm, loving and kind little girl. She worries a lot about other people and making them happy.

The only things she seems to need in life is her family and her sheepy.

I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone does have one laying in a cupboard then we’d be so grateful. It would mean so much to kitty, and to us.


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Chances are none of our amazing Followers has one of these in a cupboard, but if you all share it, and those people share it too, and so on, someone down the line may well have one, and if they see the picture pop up in their feed they may well be able to help Kitty.

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