Jacob Really Needs Help to Find an RSPB Singing Wandering Albatross

This is our new buddy Jacob! He is 21, and he lives with his mum, dad and big sister near Huddersfield. He loves drawing, playing games and comic books.

Jacob has Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is a terminal muscle-wasting disease.

Jacob’s sister Lauren contacted us asking if we could possibly help find a replacement for his favourite to, a Wandering Albatross soft toy, that sadly he has lost. It makes an albatross sound/song. The bird is mostly pale, with two black stripes down its wings.  Can you help by sharing this search for Jacob and Lauren?

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How are you related to Jacob?

He's my little brother

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Tell us a little about Jacob...

What can you tell us about Jacob's disabilities and additional needs?

He has Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is a terminal muscle-wasting disease. It is the most common genetic killer of children.

Tell us a little about Albie...

The item is a Wandering Albatross soft toy, bought from the RSPB and manufactured by Wild Republic and the RSPB. The RSPB stopped partnering with Wild Republic and also making the albatross quite a few years ago. Makes an albatross sound/song. The bird is mostly pale, with the two black stripes down its wings.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Albie - who made it, where it came from, etc

The RSPB and Wild Republic. I contacted the RSPB and they said they couldn’t help. I contacted them again about a month later just to see if it was at all possible they might have any leftover stock tucked away somewhere, but they just said, ‘Unfortunately we have no further update regarding the stock of the Albatross.’ I tried repeatedly to contact Wild Republic via email, their website and Facebook, but got no response. They are not manufacturing them anymore anyway though according to their website.

Why is Albie so important?

For snuggling! I’ve looked all over the internet for it, contacted the RSPB and tried to contact Wild Republic, but can’t seem to find an Albie anywhere!

How would you describe the current situation?


As I say, Jacob's the kindest, gentlest little soul I've ever known. He's always been my best friend and that's not going to change; I couldn't be prouder of him and everything he is. So lucky to be his big sister!


The way this works is not magic, it’s all about SHARING.  If you want to help Jacob find a Wandering Albatross Soft Toy we need you to like and share this search with all your family and friends, but importantly, we need you to tell them to do the same.

Chances are none of our amazing Followers has one of these in a cupboard, but if you all share it, and those people share it too, and so on, someone down the line may well have one, and if they see the picture pop up in their feed they may well be able to help Jacob.

Liking and commenting is good too!

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All emails are also sent to the LittleBlueCup Team so we can be sure offers of help are received and never missed.  These emails are also used for monitoring purposes so we can check for spam and abuse.  

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