Red Next coat age 9-10/10-11 years

This is our new friend Evie – say Hi!  Evie is 9-years-old, and home is in Bolton where she lives with her Mum Samantha.  She is very busy and always active, from modelling to science experiments and spends most of her spare time on her trapeze or the trampoline.

Evie has a complex Sensory Processing Disorder that particularly impacts on what she can wear. She also has Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP), which is a condition that involves swelling (inflammation) of small blood vessels. The swollen blood vessels leak into the skin, joints, intestines, and kidneys, and it is incredibly debilitating if Evie gets poorly.

Today we are searching for a specific Red Coat for Evie that came from the UK retailer Next.  No other coat will do, no matter how similar.  It needs to fit either 9-10 or 10-11 years.

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Evie loves being a girly girl and dressing up in twirly dresses, but also loves playing for a girl’s football team. She is with a modelling agency and LOVES being in front of the camera and doing catwalks for fashion shows. She’s a huge science fan, lives doing experiments and spends most of her spare time on her trapeze or the trampoline.

What can you tell us about Evie's disabilities and additional needs?

Evie has Sensory Processing Disorder, she struggles with certain things. She can’t cope with loud noises, can only stand certain fabrics against her skin, and is very particular about the way clothes make her feel. She’d rather live in leotards and tight fitting gym clothes as they feel best for her. She can’t wear any trousers that have a waistband that touches her stomach, she can’t wear socks or tights with a seam in the toes for example. If there is something bothering her and she feels overwhelmed, she has to spin, or dance or swing on the trapeze or bounce on the trampoline to help her work through those feelings, she has ASD tendancies and gets attached to specific things. On top of this Evie has a low immune system, has an illness called HSP which mimics meningitis and a simple throat infection or cold can leave her in a wheelchair if it flares her HSP. She was told to shield last year and so spent 12 months inside unable to go out or see friends etc.

The coat is a red coat from next, it’s double breasted and has a handkerchief hem at the bottom and was initially sold in 2010, we bought it from a next outlet in 2017. (I have other pics of the coat of that helps) it’s code in the label is 705-802. The material is 100% polyester. There are lots of similar coats, and we’ve tried loads, but it has to be THIS exact one, same code that we need, and in 9-10/10-11. We’ve got an 11-12 and a 15-16 years from a recent search, but they’re both too big. Next have said they don’t have any samples of this item anywhere in stock, and they don’t have purchasing information where it came from either.

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It’s from Next, I’ve spoken to them and they can’t help sadly.
Evie has become attached to this coat, and has got to a point where she won’t leave the house without it on certain occasions. She has always worn it when we’ve travelled to London for castings or auditions, or when she’s been to do a job somewhere. she’s also worn it every time we’ve been on a day trip somewhere special or when it’s been a special occasion. The coat we have is size 7-8 and we bought it when she was 6, she’s now 9 and the coat is tight on her so we desperately need a larger size if possible. She has said that the coat makes her feel good, not only the fabric and fit, but also the confidence it gives her. She couldn’t leave the house without it the other day because she said she needed the confidence from it to be able to go out and do the job she was booked for. I’ve had a search on eBay for over twelve months for any red coat, and any next coat, but it’s never appeared. I search marketplace, I search Spock and vinted, but still haven’t found one in the right size.

How would you describe the current situation?

We have the one at the moment, in size 7-8 and she’s worn this one from being 6, and she’s now 9. We have found one in 11-12 years that we’re trying to purchase, and I’ve bought one in size 15-16years from vinted that’s not arrived yet, but it’s obviously far too huge. We have just the one at the moment .

Evie is a super happy little girl, she's just gets on with things despite the challenges she faces. She's happy go lucky unless things like her sensory issues affect her. She loves her fluffy toys and teddies still, she's all about things with nice textures and makes sure that all her clothes feel nice when she wears them. I'd love to be able to help her and give her a new coat that is the same as the one she's got, just larger. We've tried so many others, in similar styles, but nothing else has worked. I'd be really grateful if you could allow her confidence to continue and help us find this coat. Thank you!


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