Poppy Needs Some Marks and Spencer Pink Bunnies with White Spots

This is our new friend Poppy! She lives in the lovely seaside city of Plymouth in Devon, with her Mum, Dad, brother Harry, and sister Emilia-Rose. Poppy is 7-years-old, and she loves to sing and dance!

Poppy has Distal 18q- which is also known as Distal 18q deletion syndrome, and has global developmental delays but proving all of her specialists wrong by thriving – true superstar!

Poppy’s Mum asked us to help find some Pink Bunnies with White Spots that were originally sold by Marks & Spencer as part of a newborn baby girl gift set. Bunny is Poppy’s comforter and favourite thing, she goes everywhere Poppy goes and is so special and very important for Poppy’s happiness.

Unfortunately, through so much love, Bunny is wearing out and will soon fall apart, so we need to find Poppy not just one more, but LOADS more, so she has Bunny for as long as she needs her. This will also give Mum and Dad a lot of peace of mind knowing they won’t be facing the horrible situation of Poppy not being able to have her Bunny when she needs it.

Can YOU help find some Bunnies for Poppy?

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I’m her Mum

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Tell us a little about Poppy...

Poppy was born with a chromosome deletion called 18q. Poppy is very funny and she loves to sing and dance. Poppy attends a mainstream school three mornings a week and during lockdown raised £300 to buy her school new books that were suitable for children with additional needs.

What can you tell us about Poppy's disabilities and additional needs?

Poppy has 18q minus syndrome which means she is missing the tail end of her chromosome 18. Poppy is considered globally delayed but is proving all her specialists wrong and thriving.

Tell us a little about Bunny...

A pink and white sporty bunny from Marks and Spencer’s. This bunny was not sold separately and came as part of a new baby girl gift set.

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Marks and Spencer as part of a new baby girl gift set

Why is Bunny so important?

This is Poppy’s comforter and goes everywhere with poppy even in our house. Our current bunny is not going to last us sadly much longer.

How would you describe the current situation?

As you can see from the picture we are in desperate need of spares

Bunny goes everywhere with Poppy and without bunny we would have a lot more difficulty in regards to sleep, appointments and even trips out. Bunny has been with Poppy since birth and as a mum I would like to give Poppy something that she loves and cares for deeply.


The way this works is not magic, it’s all about SHARING.  If you want to help Poppy find some Pink Bunnies with White Spots we need you to share this search with all your family and friends, but importantly, we need you to tell them to do the same.

Chances are none of our amazing Followers has one of these in a cupboard, but if you all share it, and those people share it too, and so on, someone down the line may well have one, and if they see the picture pop up in their feed they may well be able to help Poppy.

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