Linus Needs Your Help to Find Loads of Orange Fox Teddies

Hey everyone! Say hello to our new mate Linus! He is 13-years-old and lives in Leeds with his Mum and Dad. Linus’ lovely niece Lara has contacted us to see if all of our amazing followers would help her nephew find loads of orange fox teddies.

Foxy, as Linus calls him, was originally from Tesco, but that would have been 7-8 years ago. The label says ‘Cuddle and Love’, we are not sure if this was made exclusively for Texco, or if it was on sale elsewhere.

Linus has autism and hypermobility. He loves going to club every week, and he loves Will Smith and Power Rangers!

Foxy is made of a material that looks like corduroy, but it is very soft. He has a flower fabric chest and feet. Can you help Linus find LOADS of new Foxy’s?

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How are you related to Linus?

He is my nephew

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Tell us a little about Linus...

Linus loves Power Rangers and playing on his DS. He also loves to twirl toys in the air. He also loves Will Smith, long hair and woos a lot! He goes to Tuesday club every fortnight, where he gets to do a variety of different activities with other children with learning disabilities.

What can you tell us about Linus' disabilities and additional needs?

Linus has autism and hypermobility.

Tell us a little about Foxy...

We are looking for an orange fox teddy that has a flower fabric chest and feet. The orange fabric looks similar to corduroy but it is very soft. The fox teddy was bought from Tesco several years ago, I’m unsure exactly when but he received it when he was around 4 or 5 years old so that was around 7/8 years ago. I think it was manufactured by Tesco as well. The tag also says ‘Cuddle and Love’.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Foxy - who made it, where it came from, etc

It was produced by Tesco. We have previously contacted them as we did a search a few years ago but they didn’t have any left in storage.

Why is Foxy so important?

It is a huge part of his life. He comes home from school and spends the rest of the day with Foxy. He sleeps with Foxy under his head and won’t sleep without it. He also uses Foxy to process his emotions as he can’t tell us how he feels. When Foxy has been previously lost, he becomes very unsettled and hasn’t coped without her.

How would you describe the current situation?

We need as many spares as possible! Because of the way Linus uses Foxy, it becomes damaged very easily. He is currently on his last one but it’s already becoming damaged.

Linus is such a fun loving and quirky character. Whilst he doesn't speak, other than random copying, he's able to show us how funny he is! Because Linus doesn't talk, he doesn't really have friends so Foxy is his best friend. Foxy means as much to Linus as a friend might. Linus has gone through many obsessions with having autism but Foxy has been the only constant obsession he has.


The way this works is not magic, it’s all about SHARING.  If you want to help Linus find some Orange Fox Teddies we need you to like and share this search with all your family and friends, but importantly, we need you to tell them to do the same.

Chances are none of our amazing Followers has one of these in a cupboard, but if you all share it, and those people share it too, and so on, someone down the line may well have one, and if they see the picture pop up in their feed they may well be able to help Linus.

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