Help Elijah Find a Blue Dog Cuddly Max and Tilly Branded Comforter

This is our new buddy from Australia – say g’day to Elijah everyone! He is 9-years-old and lives in Redcliffe in Queensland, where he lives with his Mum and Dad. Elijah has autism and a sensory processing disorder.

He is a fun-loving lad, he loves to make people laugh, play board games, and with his Nintendo Switch.

Elijah’s favourite thing, his comforter is on its last legs. We need to find Elijah LOADS of Blue Dog Cuddly Max and Tilly Branded Comforters.  Can you help?

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Tell us a little about Elijah...

Elijah is a fun loving little boy who loves to make people laugh with his witty one liners, or funny shenanigans. Elijah loves to read, play board games, play his iPad and his Nintendo Switch which he is proud that he saved all his money to purchase.

What can you tell us about Elijah's disabilities and additional needs?

Elijah has autism as well as sensory processing disorder.

Tell us a little about Ratty ...

‘Ratty’ is a Max and Tilly brand dog comforter. It was originally 2 shades of blue. There are other animals such monkeys, rabbits etc. but the particular one we are in search of is the dog. (I think we will be grateful for any of them actually). We don’t currently know if this was ever sold outside of Australia. Max and Tilly was owned by Bright Bots (where we originally purchased) and are no longer around. We have tried contacting them directly in which no real help was given, and we have tried online all with no avail. It was originally purchased in 2011 when Elijah was born and he has been attached to them ever since. He has had a few of these over the years but have slowly gone missing.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Ratty - who made it, where it came from, etc

Max and Tilly Brand who was owned by Bright Bots – Bright Bots no longer exist. I have contacted the company in the past and no avail with information where to buy as they are no loner in existence.

Why is Ratty so important?

Elijah has anxiety. Ratty is very special to him and helps with his anxiety and sensory processing disorder. Elijah has a special way he plays with the knots on the comforter. Elijah finds comfort in Ratty and Ratty is taken wherever Elijah goes, especially in his high anxious situations.

How would you describe the current situation?

The current situation for ‘Ratty’ is he is on his last legs. We have re-sewn and re-sewn him again and again. Ratty won’t survive much longer.

It would mean the world to me if we can find 'Ratty'. I am in tears thinking about it.
'Ratty' is so much loved and it would bring so much joy to Elijah


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