Marks and Spencer’s Orange Tiger Scarf

Introducing our new friend Harry! Harry is 10-years-old and lives with his two brothers, Mum, and Dad in Brigg, Lincolnshire. He is autistic and non-verbal and uses his Tiger Scarf to self soothe when everything is too much. Harry has lost his scarf twice recently and luckily it turned up but the stress it caused Harry not having his scarf for a few days was heartbreaking for his family.

We really need some help to track down at least one more scarf, but ideally loads. Can you help Harry?

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I'm his Mother

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Harry’s Scarf

Tell us a little about Harry...

Harry is a lovely funny little chap, who loves his scarf! He loves going to Scouts and doing gymnastics. He is autistic and non-verbal and uses his scarf to self soothe when everything is too much. We’ve lost his scarf twice recently but lucky it turned up but the stress it caused Harry not having his scarf for a few days was heartbreaking to watch.

What can you tell us about Harry's disabilities and additional needs?

Harry is autistic, non-verbal, and has a global learning delay.

Tell us a little about Harry’s Scarf...

It’s a Marks and Spencer’s orange coloured scarf with a tiger print. I bought it about 3 years ago from the Doncaster Marks and Spencer outlet store. Though to call it a scarf isn’t really a great description any longer, its now more like a rag with holes! But Harry loves it.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Harry’s Scarf - who made it, where it came from, etc

Marks and Spencer sold the scarf around three years ago.

Why is Harry’s Scarf so important?

Harry gets really frustrated and it calms and soothes him. He sleeps with it, the scarf helps when he goes to new places to keep him calm. He plays with it getting sensory feedback from the colours and waving it to create a breeze, and it makes him laugh. Without his scarf Harry hits himself, he can’t sleep, he cries, he’s just really unhappy and unsettled.

How would you describe the current situation?

We have one but need a spare, as school sometimes forgets to send it home, he’s lost it or misplaced it which means no sleep. It’s looking very shabby with holes and fraying. It’s also impossible to wash it and this concerns us, especially with Covid. We desperately need a spare of the same scarf as we tried different replacements but they just weren’t the same. Please help us locate a spare we would be so grateful.

Harry loves his scarf, it’s his go-to comfort and it smells of home. We would really appreciate your help, this scarf is Harry’s world and he just can’t cope with the world without it. The sleep deprivation is so difficult when we can’t find it. He’s such a lovely little boy who just needs his cuddle scarf. Please look in your draws, ask your friends and family, and share Harry's Search ❤️


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