Help Kian Find Some George at Asda Pyjama Trousers with Monster Print

Kian is 6-years-old, and he lives with his mum, dad, and little sister Myla, in Newport, Gwent.  Kian is our new buddy, his mum has been in touch asking if you could all have a search for some very special trousers for Kian.

He loves playing with his little sister, and he’s a very bright young man, with a fantastic sense of humour. He also loves his video games.

Kian needs your help to find a pair of pyjama trousers that were sold as part of a twin set by George at Asda around 5 years ago. They are baby blue with a blue and red monster and ‘ROAR’ pattern, and blue ankle cuffs.

Can you help Kian find some very special pyjama trousers?

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How are you related to Kian?

I'm his Mother

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Tell us a little about Kian...

Kian is our lovely very cheeky loving caring funny little man, he loves telling jokes and being funny he loves playing video games on his ps4 and nintendo and watching people on youtube play video games he can tell you everything there is to no about the games hes into fortnight etc and loves telling you things he knows about them he can talk about them all day long, his trousers hes had since a baby he twirls them and smells them cwtches them there his comfort and what he needs after a long day at school or going out, he takes them everywhere he started of pulling mumas trousers of the radiators/clothes horse then got attatched to his monster print ones he had to take everywhere to bed even to playgroup, he used to rotate his hand before he got attatched to his trousers but there badly worn out started eith small holes there ripped quite bad now and falling apart, hes amazing at playing on his video games and has been playing since age 2 he attends st andrews school

What can you tell us about Kian's disabilities and additional needs?

Kian isn’t currently diagnosed with autism but I’m diagnosed myself, and I’m sure he’s autistic too. I know his triggers and a routine works well and telling him things a few days in advance like a haircut, or he can have a meltdown.

Tell us a little about Trousers...

George at Asda baby pyjama trousers from the baby range. They are babu blue, have red and blue monsters printed on them and the word ‘ROAR’, and the cuffs at the bottom are dark blue. They are size 18-24 months and part of a two-set, the trousers used to be a brighter blue colour but faded in the wash. They were purchased in 2016 Asda say they don’t make them anymore when I emailed.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Trousers - who made it, where it came from, etc

George at Asda. I emailed but they said they don’t make them anymore and couldn’t find any. I was hoping they would make them again, I searched eBay, Facebook,and Google but I can’t find them though. I didn’t get any shares for my post on FB.

Why is Trousers so important?

There are badly worn out now to the point they’re ripped in several places, with small worn-out holes and fading. We forgot them one time at a sleepover at his Nanas he wouldn’t accept any other pair of trousers and cried and got very upset eventually fell asleep in my arms, he uses them as a calmer after a long day or when he’s tired and needs downtime. They make him happy, he twirls them in his hand, smells them and tickles his skin with them, they’re very special to him, they’re his comfort and what he goes straight to after a long day at school.

How would you describe the current situation?

In desperate need of replacement! They are so torn and full of holes from being loved and washed, we need lots of pairs so Kian can have the comfort they provide for as long as he needs them.

Kian 100% relies on these trousers, he uses them to stim and they are his comfort item. He's a lovely, caring and very very cheeky little boy, he loves playing with his little sister and telling jokes. He hates haircuts! Kian is quiet around strangers and won't talk, he doesn't very much like going out. He loves his video games and is extremely good at them. He's very intelligent, knew all his colours, shapes, and alphabet in playgroup, then learnt to recognise numbers and letters at age 3. He learnt to read fast before being taught in reception he knew how to navigate the playstation settings!


The way this works is not magic, it’s all about SHARING.  If you want to help Kian find some George at Asda Monster Print Pyjama Trousers we need you to share this search with all your family and friends, but importantly, we need you to tell them to do the same.

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