Hannah Needs Your Help to Find some ELC Blossom Farm Orange and Pink Cow Soft Toys

This is our new friend Hannah – say hello everyone! Hannah is 12-years-old and lives in Whitley Bay with her Mum, Dad, big brother Adam who is 14, and little sister Isabelle who is 2.

Hannah has autism, sensory processing difficulties and severe anxiety. She is an amazing and very busy young lady and has raised so much money for charities that the Prime Minister gave her an award!

Hannah has lost Dadda Bear – a Blossom Farm Orange and Pink Cow Soft Toy, that was sold by Mothercare and Early Learning Centre in 2009. Can you help track some down for Hannah?

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Dadda Bear

Tell us a little about Hannah...

Hannah is a bright, active girl with lots of imagination. She loves baking, dancing, Lego, and fashion. Hannah loves to read all day long and is an encyclopedia of interesting facts, She is also a dedicated fundraiser and has helped many charities since she was 6. When she was 7 she won the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award for public service.

What can you tell us about Hannah's disabilities and additional needs?

Hannah has autism, sensory processing difficulties and severe anxiety.

Tell us a little about Dadda Bear...

Hannah has lost her cow toy. He is a plump cuddly toy made of soft fleece , orange in colour with pink patches over his arms and ears. He has an embroidered face with a big smile. He is approximately 12 inches tall. He was bought from Mothercare or Early Learning Centre in late 2009, and is part of the Blossom Farm range.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Dadda Bear - who made it, where it came from, etc

Mothercare / Early Learning Centre in 2009

Why is Dadda Bear so important?

Dadda was given to Hannah at an early age and has always been her favourite toy. He quickly became her source of comfort when she was having to stay with relatives when her older brother was frequently seriously ill in hospital. He has been to hundreds of picnics, parties, parties and special occasions. Dadda accompanied Hannah to all her medical and CAMHS appointments, and school on difficult days for 10 years. She describes his soft fur as the only thing that is comfortable when she is feeling anxious. Dadda was her comforter when Hannah lost her best friend to cancer in 2019.

How would you describe the current situation?

Dadda Bear is lost, and Hannah is anxious to have him back.

Hannah has a heart of gold and cares so much about helping others, especially her big brother. She struggles so much with the complications of the world, and has had a really tough time throughout the uncertainties of the COVID pandemic, She never asks for anything for herself, and tries to avoid attention but feels very sad that she has lost her friend Dadda Bear and wants him back. She misses him, he means the world to her.


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