Please Help Christopher Find Lots of These Disney Cups

This is our new friend Christopher – say Hi!  Christopher lives in Dundee with his Mum, Dad, and sister.  He loves singing, dancing and horse riding, going in the garden, bouncing on the trampoline.

Christopher is profoundly autistic with minimal verbal communication.

We need help to find these very specific Disney Cups, they had stickers on them of Disney Characters but these are long worn off.  This search is urgent, Christopher will not drink from any other cup.

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How are you related to Christopher ?

I'm his Mum

The item we are searching for - does it have a nickname, what do you call it?

Green Cup

Tell us a little about Christopher ...

Christopher is 12 years old and loves spending time in his garden, bouncing on the trampoline and sitting on the swing with his sister Caitlin. He also enjoys singing, dancing and horse riding. He attends special needs school – in Dundee.

What can you tell us about Christopher's disabilities and additional needs?

Christopher is profoundly autistic with minimal verbal communication.

Tell us a little about Green Cup...

The cup was bought in the Disney store around 2010 and had stickers of Disney characters on them. It has a spherical lid that flips open to reveal a flat, hard plastic spout, that looks like a small triangle at the end of a rectangle. It is the only type of cup Christopher will drink from and we’re down to the last two (one for use at home and one for school).

The Green Cup Tracker

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Can you tell us any specific details about Green Cup - who made it, where it came from, etc

Disney store discontinued selling these cups and newer versions are not the same shape or have remotely similar spout.

Why is Green Cup so important?

The cup is the only type that Christopher will drink out of and we’re now down to the last two (one for use at home and one in school). Christopher would rather not drink than try having a sip from another cup, so finding identical shape cups, with any colour combination is very important to us.

How would you describe the current situation?

We only have two working cups left. We are desperate for more.

Christopher is a lovely boy, with a gentle and sometimes cheeky nature, whom we all love dearly. He loves going places and the one thing that always goes along with him is his cup!


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