Can You Help Osian Find Some Blue Marks and Spencer’s Dinosaurs?

This is our new little buddy Osian!  He is 4-years-old and lives with his family.  Osian absolutely loves dinosaurs and jumping!

Osian is Autistic and has Global Development Delay.

This little Blue Dinosaur is so special, it means the world to Osian, and we really need to find some spares.  Can you help?  Share this far and wide, please!

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How are you related to Osian?

I'm his Mum

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Tell us a little about Osian...

Osian attends a local special needs school. He loves jumping and dinosaurs!

What can you tell us about Osian's disabilities and additional needs?

Osian has autism and global development delay. He is non verbal.

Tell us a little about Dinosaur...

Marks and Spencer’s blue soft toy dinosaur. This was purchased in December 2018.

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Can you tell us any specific details about Dinosaur - who made it, where it came from, etc

Mark’s and Spencer’s. We contacted them and they replied that the item is out of stock and now and discontinued.

Why is Dinosaur so important?

Osian is very very attached to this dinosaur. He takes it everywhere with him! He relies on it heavily for sleeping. We only have the 1 dinosaur and I can’t find another one anywhere. We desperately need a spare as the one we have is getting old and fragile.

How would you describe the current situation?

We desperately need a spare!!

I would be forever grateful if we could find just 1 more ‘spare’ dinosaur. This dinosaur is a comfort to Osian and it helps him find calm in stressful situations and environments.


The way this works is not magic, it’s all about SHARING.  If you want to help Osian find some Blue Dinosaurs we need you to like and share this search with all your family and friends, but importantly, we need you to tell them to do the same.

Chances are none of our amazing Followers has one of these in a cupboard, but if you all share it, and those people share it too, and so on, someone down the line may well have one, and if they see the picture pop up in their feed they may well be able to help Osian.

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