The People


We have to start with Ben, because without Ben there would be no LittleBlueCup.

It started when Ben’s dad, Marc, sent a Tweet out of desperation…

The search went viral, the media from right around the world got involved, and Ben now has 578 cups!

Marc wanted to help other families struggling to find what they so badly needed, so many had contacted him after seeing Ben’s search.  

LittleBlueCup was born.


This funny looking fella is Ben’s dad. He’s been a social justice warrior before it was a thing, always loved disrupting the norm and making a difference to peoples lives.


Allan contacted Marc during Ben’s cup search, he needed lots of sippy cups for his daughter Esmae.  They decided to team up to create LittleBlueCup and worked on it together for the next few years.

Allan is less involved now, but he and Marc still share a very intimate long distance bromance.


When Marc was struggling with rebuilding the website, Kylie joined the LBC Team with all her skills, knowledge, and tools.  Kylie lives in Australia (yes, with Jason), travelling the country as a digital nomad.

The seemingly impossible task of keeping Marc on task and stop him getting distracted – SQUIRREL! – falls to Debs. Organisation and motivation come naturally, Debs keeps the plates spinning and kicks butts as required.

And yes, Debs did manage both those cupcakes. At the same time. Just sayin…