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Poppy Needs Some Marks and Spencer Pink Bunnies with White Spots

This is our new friend Poppy! She lives in the lovely seaside city of Plymouth in Devon, with her Mum, Dad, brother Harry, and sister Emilia-Rose. Poppy is 7-years-old, and she loves to sing and dance!

Poppy has Distal 18q- which is also known as Distal 18q deletion sysndrome, and has global developmental delays but proving all of her specialists wrong by thriving – true superstar!

Poppy’s Mum asked us to help find some Pink Bunnies with White Spots that were originally sold by Marks & Spencers as part of a newborn baby girl gift set. Bunny is Poppy’s comforter and favourite thing, she goes everywhere Poppy goes and is so special and very important for Poppy’s happiness.

Unfortunately, through so much love, Bunny is wearing out and will soon fall apart, so we need to find Poppy not just one more, but LOADS more, so she has Bunny for as long as she needs her. This will also give Mum and Dad a lot of peace of mind knowing they won’t be facing the horrible situation of Poppy not being able to have her Bunny when she needs it.

Can YOU help find some Bunnies for Poppy?

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Some more of our latest Searches. We add so many throughout the month, you need to keep coming back to make sure you don’t miss any. You may not have what they need, but just by sharing, any of your friends or family, or any of their friends or family, just might have a precious item sat at the back of a cupboard. Sharing – Making Smiles Happen.

Thomas Needs Some Blue and Green Toy Kettles

Say hello to our new buddy Thomas everyone! Thomas is 11-years-old and lives with his Mum, Stepdad, and brother Jack on the Isle of Wight. He goes to a wonderful special needs school, and he loves music.

Thomas has a rare genetic epilepsy, SCN8A. He has severe drug resistant epilepsy, global developmental delay, sensory processing disorder, he is non verbal, among other needs.

We really need to find Thomas lots of green and blue Pretend & Play branded Toy Kettles from Sainsbury’s. This is Thomas’ favourite thing and he needs lots to give him many years of comfort and happiness. Can you help?


Help Elijah Find a Blue Dog Cuddly Max and Tilly Branded Comforter

This is our new buddy from Australia – say g’day to Elijah everyone! He is 9-years-old and lives in Redcliffe in Queensland, where he lives with his Mum and Dad. Elijah has autism and a sensory processing disorder.

He is a fun-loving lad, he loves to make people laugh, play board games, and with his Nintendo Switch.

Elijah’s favourite thing, his comforter is on its last legs. We need to find Elijah LOADS of Blue Dog Cuddly Max and Tilly Branded Comforters.  Can you help?


Hannah Needs Your Help to Find some ELC Blossom Farm Orange and Pink Cow Soft Toys

This is our new friend Hannah – say hello everyone! Hannah is 12-years-old and lives in Whitley Bay with her Mum, Dad, big brother Adam who is 14, and little sister Isabelle who is 2.

Hannah has autism, sensory processing difficulties and severe anxiety. She is an amazing and very busy young lady and has raised so much money for charities that the Prime Minister gave her an award! 

Hannah has lost Dadda Bear – a Blossom Farm Orange and Pink Cow Soft Toy, that was sold by Mothercare and Early Learning Centre in 2009. Can you help track some down for Hannah?


Can you Help Eve Find Some Tiger Teddy’s from Card Factory?

This is our new friend Eve, say Hi everyone! Eve is from Argyll and Bute on the West coast of Scotland, where she lives with her Mum and Step-Mum. Eve is 9-years-old, and she loves animals and playing outdoors for hours on end.

Eve is currently going through the relentless assessment process for Autism and a range of associated diagnoses. We really need your help to find Eve lots of new Tiger Teddy’s from Card Factory. Do you have one hidden away in a cupboard?


Ben Would Love Your Help Finding a Postman Pat Small Reverend Timms Figure

Hey everyone, this is our new buddy Ben, say ‘hello’! Tomorrow (28th May) Ben will be 12, and he needs your help to find him a very important birthday present. Ben lives in Southampton with his Mum, Dad, and sister. He loves toy animals, building towers, and Postman Pat. Ben is Autistic, and has lifelong congenital heart disease and has survived 5 open heart surgeries, and he will need further surgery shortly. 

Ben really needs your help to find some Postman Pat Small Reverend Timms Figure, it is 2.5″ tall, and it must be the right one so it fits in the vehicles Ben has collected. Can you help?


Marks and Spencer’s Orange Tiger Scarf

Introducing our new friend Harry! Harry is 10-years-old and lives with his two brothers, Mum, and Dad in Brigg, Lincolnshire. He is autistic and non-verbal and uses his Tiger Scarf to self soothe when everything is too much. Harry has lost his scarf twice recently and luckily it turned up but the stress it caused Harry not having his scarf for a few days was heartbreaking for his family. 

We really need some help to track down at least one more scarf, but ideally loads. Can you help Harry?


Can you Find Troy Some Where’s Chicky Plush Teddies?

Say ‘hi’ to our new buddy Troy everyone! Troy is 2-years-old, and he lives in Kettering with his Mummy, Daddy James, his brother Junior, his 2 sisters Kaycee and Evy, and his pet Mushu. Troy loves teddy’s and soft toys, they are his everything, his paly things, and his friends.

Troy is Autistic, non-verbal, and has sensory needs.  We need you to help track down some Where’s Chicky Soft Plush toys for Troy. He had one, and it has been lost, and Troy is so sad without it. Can you help?


Can You Help Kitty Find Some Flat Sheep Comforters?

This is our little friend Kitty – say Hi!  Kitty lives with her Mummy, Daddy, sister’s Delilah and Tabby, and her big brother, Amos.  They all live in Canterbury in Kent. Kitty absolutely loves music and drawing.

Kitty has Autism, as does her identical twin sister.  She finds so much comfort in Sheepy, who is her favourite thing, a Flat Sheep Comforter.  This was made several years ago by a small craft company, possibly an individual.  This is going to be hard to find but someone out there must have one – please help spread the search far and wide.


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