Riley needs a new Spotty Pillow

 This cute lil dude is our new buddy Riley. He is 4 years old and lives with his family in South Wales. Riley has Autism he was diagnosed on his 3rd Birthday.

Riley is obsessed with all sea animals he can name near enough all of them. He attends a special school which he loves. He has a special pillowcase that he calls his ‘Spotty Pillow’. His Mummy was cleaning a cupboard out one day and found an old pillowcase which Riley took an instant liking to. He gets so much comfort from it and sleeps very peacefully with it, the problem is we are not sure how much longer it’s going to last.

Riley will be distraught if anything happens to it, as soon as he comes from school he runs upstairs and gets his ‘Spotty Pillow’. Mum – Melissa – is hoping someone out there has one so she will have a back up for Riley if the day came and it finally wore out. Riley will not sleep on any other pillowcase, it’s his comforter.

Melissa is sure it was from Argos many years ago, but can’t be positive. She is hoping someone somewhere will find one in their cupboard just like she did. It has no tags or identifiable marks on it other than the printed pattern.

Melissa told us:

“Riley is my world he melts the hearts of everyone he meets, he’s so funny, loving and very intelligent… he learns me different things all the time and he’s only 4! He’s loved by his teachers and he loves them too, he makes everyone’s day brighter and I’m so lucky that he’s mine.”

Let’s try and help Riley, shall we…

…let’s do what we do best and get sharing, you might not have the exact same pillowcase in a cupboard, but somebody will have and by SHARING we will reach them.

Let’s help Riley and his family by sharing this as far and wide as we possibly can. We have thousands of new friends to help spread the message, if you are here to help this is your chance, it’s not about ‘Oh I have one of those in the cupboard’, it’s about sharing the searches.

Please SHARE with every one of your friends and family, then tell them to SHARE, and so on….

Ready… Steady… SHARE!!

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