Quinn Needs a Squirrel

Who is the Search For?
Quinn Jones
How old is Quinn?
And where are you from?
Southport, Merseyside
Please tell us lots about Quinn…
Quinn is 10 years old. He is non-verbal very active big little boy. He has the body of a strong 12-year-old and the mind of a playful and inquisitive 1-year-old. He loves to play, swim in his garden pool at least once a day, going to parks, and more than anything he loves riding trains and buses. He runs around and never stops until he eventually goes to sleep.
Quinn attends Merefield Special School where he has 2-1 support due to health and social needs.
Quinn loves his big brother more than anything and loves to play any game with him, which normally ends in wrestling anyway.
Please tell us about his disabilities, special needs or health condition
Quinn is non-verbal and uses PECS system to communicate. Quinn has chromosome disorder, autistic traits, SEnsory processing disorder, chronic lung disorder, epilepsy and ADHD.
So what are we searching for today?
Woodlands Trust Squirrel Hottie
Please tell us as much about the item as possible
This was made by Dorothy Perkins (I think)for Woodlands trust about 9-10 years ago. It is a small teddy with a removable smelly pouch that came out a Velcro pocket at the bottom to go on the microwave to heat it up and make it smell.
Tell us why this item is so important – what does it mean to Quinn?
Quinn’s brother was given it for a birthday and Quinn immediately adopted it as his. He has always had it with him where ever he goes.
5years ago, due to it falling apart, we scoured the internet to find another and luckily we found one through a friend of a friend.
This one has started to reach the end of its life as he just loves them so much and we desperately want a replacement.
Does he have a pet name for this?
Why do you need the LittleBlueCup followers to search for this?
It’s broken, damaged or worn out
Is there anything else you can tell us about Squirrel that might help the search?
Dorothy Perkins released the squirrel teddy for the Woodlands Trust. We tried contacting them about 5 years ago but they couldn’t help us.
Do you have a message for our followers?
Quinn loves his Squirrel so much. He (and his replacement) have been everywhere with Quinn and he always uses squirrel to calm him down at times of greatest stress or upset.
Quinn would be so excited to get a new one. We have spent hundreds of pounds on similar ones over the years but none of them have come close to being loved like the original.
If anyone has one Quinn would be over the moon and full of joy.
Thank you for trying.
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