Our Crew

We Make Smiles Happen

Little Blue Cup is Powered by a Team of Amazing People!

We have over 60 people in our volunteer Crew now and it’s growing all the time. We don’t have the space to feature everybody (and some are too shy anyway) so here are a few of our AMAZING Crew members…


Marc Carter

Founder & Project Director

Marc – also known as GrumpyCarer – started this little project when an internet search for a little blue cup for his son went viral. To this day nobody knows where the projects name comes from.

Fulltime dad and carer to his 3 children, he likes to rant and he likes to support others – he calls it therapy.


Allan Mason

European Host

Happiest when Arsenal are winning but who said Life Was simple

I am passionate about LittleBlueCup and helping others.

Dad of 3/Husband of 1 In it from the beginning with Grumpy Carer to help other families find precious items and to make a difference….


Amanda Pugh

North American Host

My name is Amanda and I live in Cardiff, South Wales. I work in a special needs school working with children with complex special needs and life-limiting conditions.

When I found out about LittleBlueCup and what they did I knew I could help! I started by searching for the items and found that I had the magic touch finding items.

I have continued to help search and I now run LittleBlueCup North America page! I love helping people far and wide and I want to continue expanding the LittleBlueCup Project.


Katie Bruce

Australian Host

My name is Katie.  I live in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.  I am a Pharmacist, wife, and mother to 2 little boys (both have mild ASD) and step-Mum to 3 Big kids.

I wanted to start LBC in Australia after seeing a UK search.  What a fantastic way to make a difference in peoples lives!!

I’m a total hippie at heart! I love cats, cooking, gardening, anything purple and doing what I can to help anyone.