This is 4-year-old Oscar from Manchester. He has global development delay and Autistim, and is in desperate need of a replacement cup. Or 20. It’s the Nuby Click It Cool Sipper in blue with whales/fish all over it.

Nuby discontinued the cup and replaced it with similar, BUT with a bigger teat/spout. The family have tried different cups and Oscar just won’t touch any, he will gladly go without a drink which is worrying his mummy massively. As Oscar is non-verbal and his understanding is limited he doesn’t understand mummy can’t get any other cup.

Hmmmmm, where have we heard this before eh!

This is very very important, so read carefully to save everyone’s time and energy. The new design is very similar, however, the teat is wider and the lid just screws on normally, the old ones have a little ridge on the cup so the lid clicks as it’s tightened. This new cup is available, so lots of you may stumble upon it when searching, but it’s very likely the new design and of NO USE TO OSCAR.

Again, the cup is a Nuby Clic It Cool Sipper with whales. Nuby has been contacted and is unable to help. eBay etc have been scoured and don’t have it.

Anyone going to help perform a miracle and get little Oscar a new cup? Let’s find as many as we can, watch out for the design on the screw part of the cup.

Get searching!

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