No Lights, Camera, Action

In January 2018 I plan to start filming with families who have Autistic children.  I will be filming whatever they want, it’s their story.

These films will be edited and shared with the public to raise acceptance and understanding of Autism.  The plan is to create a few short films each containing several families and see if any of the mainstream media channels are interested in it.

I have a broadcast quality camera and much of the equipment I need, but I don’t have lights.  I can’t use lamps, this has to be done right, and the right lighting equipment is many thousands of pounds.

If I can I will buy what I can afford, but I doubt that will be much.  The frustrating thing is the just won’t looks as good as they could and should, and there would be little to no chance of them ever being taken seriously by mainstream media.

I’m starting the funding request at £1000, but if I reach that I will stretch it.  £1000 isn’t going to get me what I need, but its a starting point and will help me out.

Additionally, I need a couple of microphones, they would eat most of £1000 by themselves, again I will try and fund them myself if I possibly can.

The equipment won’t go to waste after, firstly because this is an on-going project, but also because I plan to work with schools and non-profit projects to offer them film services at zero cost to them.  Having the equipment means we can make more short films together and promote the good work these places are doing.

Please, if you can spare a few pound do share it, I promise it will go to good use and really help to spread the word about Autism and learning disabilities.

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