My new project

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a new brand.  as much as I like being the ‘Grumpy Carer’ it isn’t working out as I wanted as a brand ID and I’ve found it fairly limiting and restrictive – I can’t really talk about things I want to talk about as it doesn’t ‘fit’ with the Grumpy Carer brand.  If that makes sense.

So I have decided on a new name, from now on I shall be known as

I have a new website – TheGrumpyDad – and social media accounts, as shown below.  If you follow me I would love for you to come across and follow me under my new name.  I will be a lot more active over there, I’m feeling particularly inspired to write and share, I’ve spent a few weeks building my new website, so I’m taking this seriously.

Obviously, LittleBlueCup isn’t going anywhere, its now just run by TheGrumpyDad instead of GrumpyCarer!

Marc – GD

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