Meet our new buddy Merlin.

This young man is 4, very nearly 5, and he has lost HIS cuddly Merlin! Merlin is from Askern, Doncaster and lives with his mum Zara, Dad Chris, Drew 6 and his little Sister Ocean, 2.

Before Merlin was born he had a brain haemorrhage, doctors expected the worst but luckily the only real side effect is his behavioural needs, ADHD, and he is being assessed for Autism currently.

Merlin has had his Disney Merlin since he was born, he has been everywhere, even walked his Nana down the aisle with Merlin in the other hand. Merlin took Merlin EVERYWHERE, he used the teddy’s beard to rub on his nose and he smelt him to help calm himself down when he got stressed. Merlin is lost without him, he believes he is real and not just a soft toy.


This soft toy came from eBay originally, purchased 5 years or so ago, there must be loads out there that are not kids best friends and would love a new home. It was originally a Disney toy so will have sold in huge numbers I’m sure.

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