Help Robbie find some beakers


This is our new buddy, Robbie, and he really needs your help to track down some blue ‘Tommee Tippee Big Swig’ beakers.

Robbie has Dravet Syndrome, an SCN2A gene mutation. This means he has profound learning difficulties (he functions at roughly only 9 months cognitively); uncontrolled multi-seizure epilepsy; and autism. He is now 33 years old and is doing extremely well for someone with his prognosis.

Tommee Tippee used to make these blue beakers, as part of their Big Swig range. When Robbie’s parents realised that they weren’t being made anymore, they bought all that they could, but over the years they have perished (the lids fail when the spouts get bent back down). Now Robbie has just the one left. Robbie will sometimes use another cup but this is the one he copes with best, and it’s the one he always looks for.

Robbie’s parents have a lot to cope with, especially as the NHS is trying to cut the amount of support Robbie receives. Worrying if Robbie is drinking enough is just another thing they just don’t need in their hectic lives.

So guys, let’s do what we do best and get sharing, you might not have a blue Tommee Tippee Big Swig beaker, but somebody will have and by SHARING we will reach them.

Let’s help Robbie and his family by sharing this as far and wide as we possibly can. We have thousands of new friends to help spread the message, if you are here to help this is your chance, it’s not about ‘Oh I have one of those in the cupboard’, it’s about sharing the searches.

Please like or love the post (love is nicer, isn’t it), leave a comment as that makes Facebook share it with more people, and share with every one of your friends and family, then tell THEM to share, like and comment, and so on.

Ready… Steady… SHARE!!


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