Lucy is 13. Lucy like her 18-year-old brother Jack has a rare genetic disorder called Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome. Sadly Lucy has lost her beloved Crying Timmy Toy, she’s had him since she was 6 and he went everywhere with her.

It originally came from good old Woolworths in 2008/9 I think, obviously THAT would be a dead end search, however, we are confident it would have been sold in most of the usual places.

Lucy lives in Port Talbot, South Wales, with her parents. Lucy has severe learning disabilities, Autism, speech and language difficulties, poor fine and gross motor skills, ADHD and an acute anxiety disorder. She attends a PMLD school called Ysgol Maes Y Coed – it’s easier to say after 12 pints and a Jaeger Bomb!

The crying Timmy Toy has been a part of the family for around 9 years now, Lucy used to take Timmy everywhere (even to bed, of course), and he made her feel safe – he was her very special friend.

Sadly Timmy is now missing with little hope of finding him. The family have searched on all the sites such as eBay and Amazon both the UK and international searches,

They have contacted Aardman productions but have received no response. They literally do not know where else to turn – so it’s over to our amazing team of Searchers to do their stuff now!

Lucy is devastated to have lost her beloved Timmy and asks for him several times a day. Lucy’s Mum Kathy said:

“If you could help Lucy we would be eternally grateful… We are happy to meet the cost of the toy to see Lucy smiling again”

So let’s make Lucy smile again eh. Ready… Steady… SEARCH!

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