This is Layla, she is 6, nearly 7, and lives with her family in Hull East Riding of Yorkshire. Layla is Autistic and very attached to a particular type of cup, and we need your help to find some.

Layla loves animals and loves to play in her garden on her big nest swing and trampoline. She loves going to school too.

The cup we need is the Nuby Click it Cool Sipper. They have made an updated version you can easily buy, but this one isn’t right for Layla, it has to be the older style as pictured. Layla isn’t fussy about the colour or pictures, it’s just the style of the lid and spout that’s really important for this little Princess.

Can you check your cupboards? We need you all to heart this post, comment, share, and get your friends and family to do the same please, and their friends and family too. Remember, sharing is caring!

Get searching!

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