Help find George a new Beaker

Who is the Search For?
How old is George?
He’s 5
And where are you guys from?
Maidstone in Kent
Please tell us lots about George…
George is a happy non-verbal 5-year-old boy with autism and epilepsy. He goes to a special school here in Kent which he loves.
George’s interests are playing in the park and beach (not that we get to go to the beach much)
The item that I’m asking to be searched for sadly is the only bottle George will drink out of. We have tried others but to no avail.
Please tell us about George’s disabilities, special needs or health condition
George has Autism and epilepsy,
Sadly George was diagnosed with epilepsy after having a number of fits over a 12 month period. Happily, he is medicated for it now but still, they happen just not very often. His fits are brought on by heat when he can’t control his body temperature.
So what are we searching for today?
Tesco loves baby non-spill beaker
Please tell us as much about the beaker as possible
The bottle has to be an orange body with a yellow top. It’s the top we need. As he won’t drink out of any other colour. The age is 7 months+. This breaker has a yellow background with an orange heart on the body.
Tell us why this beaker is so important – what does it mean to George?
This is the only bottle has will drink out of. He knows this is his bottle. He won’t even consider any other,
Sadly George just chews through the top quite quickly so we go through quite a few and sadly Tesco don’t make this style anymore and he won’t take to the new style
Why do you need the LittleBlueCup followers to search for this?
It’s worn out and I really need to find spares
Is there anything else you can tell us about the beaker that might help the search?
Tesco loves baby made by Tesco’s
Do you have a message for our followers?
Sadly this is the only bottle George will drink out of without this he won’t drink.
George is a very happy child, only quite when he’s ill, on the go most of the day. Loves in the night garden and Mr Tumble. His favourite toy called blue bear goes everywhere with him. He lives in his own little world but at least it’s happy there.
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