Help Erin find a new blue Kitty

Meet Erin, our new friend from Wirral in Merseyside. Erin is 9 years old and has a very special blue cat called Kitty that means the world to her. Kitty is so well loved that it’s actually wearing out, and Mum is now scared to wash it in case it falls apart.

Kitty came from one of those grab machines where you have to pick up a toy with a crane. This machine is in New Brighton in Wirral and is a win every time machine costing £1 a go. Kitty was won 4 to 5 years ago now. The label has long been sucked clean and Mum doesn’t remember any information from it.

Erin is Autistic and has Cerebral Palsy and is a full-time wheelchair user. Kitty is so very special to Erin and stays in her room, where she likes to spend much of her time. The two are inseparable, and Mum is seriously worried what will happen when the time comes and Kitty falls apart. He is starting to tear now and really doesn’t have long. Tick tock tick tock, everybody….

We asked Erin’s Mum what sort of things Erin enjoyed doing:

“There’s not a lot of stuff Erin likes, she’s a Home bird, she finds going out stressful but she likes going to Chester zoo. There are only really her blue cat and her iPad that she wants apart from chocolate (loves the stuff ?)

“She loves numbers so will watch number songs on her iPad also alphabet songs.”

Can you help?

You know how this works guys, the wider we share it the more chance someone will have one. I need you to ‘like’ the post (or even better why not ‘love’ it) so it reaches more people, and then I need you to share it with your friends and family, and then tell them they need to do the same, and their friends and family need to do the same, and so on…

Let’s help Erin and her family out here, we know how much our children can depend on things, let’s ensure Erin doesn’t have to struggle without her Blue Cat.

Ready… Steady… SEARCH!

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