Help Alexa

This cute little monster is Alexa. She’s 4 and lives in Hull.

Alexa loves music and dancing and can hum most nursery rhymes she enjoys being sung to by her 2 sisters.

Alexa is Autistic, has PICA, Hip Dysplasia, absent seizures, she’s non-verbal and has extreme sensory issues.

If you don’t know what PICA is then that’s ok, but it basically means you eat things you really shouldn’t eat, and it can be dangerous to a persons health if you eat too much of the wrong thing.

Alexa likes to eat her clothes, but she also loves this one very special jumpsuit that you can see her wearing in several of the pics. Anything else she takes off, it’s the one thing she will keep on, and it keeps her away from her nappy which she will also chew. So, we REALLY need to find more. Lots more. It came from Asda, made by George (busy guy that George), and was last sold around April of this year.

Asda has been contacted a few times now and say they don’t have any and can’t source any, so no need to ask if they’ve checked with Asda. It’s also a bit new for the selling sites but they have been scoured by our Early Search Crew.

We need age 4-5 to fit Alexa now, several of them please, but then we could do with maybe 5 of each size going up to the biggest they do.

Let’s get busy searching people!

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  1. Katrina on Monday 27th November 2017 at 11:38 am

    We’ve got a size 12-13years which Alexa is welcome to have. Obviously far too big now but maybe they can have it taken in to fit sooner? Just let me know where to send it.

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