Gift a lift to Isaac

Meet our new friend Isaac from South Lanarkshire in Scotland. Isaac is 9 years old and is a twin, he lives with his parents and his sister Naomi – who, I’m informed, absolutely adores him.
Isaac has very complex needs, having a diagnosis of severe autism (he is non-verbal), significant learning difficulties, neurofibromatosis type 1, visual impairment and a tumour on his brain.
Isaac loves routine, Bing Bunny on CBeebies, and eating!
But his favourite thing of all is lifts! He watches them on YouTube at any opportunity. From the age of 3, Isaac has adored lifts. He flaps and gets so excited every time he see’s one. He seems to instinctively know any shop that has one and where they are even if he has never been there before!
He loves the doors opening and closing, the buttons, watching people disappear in them, the noise the lift makes and the floor announcements. He is never happier than when he is close by or inside a lift!
Isaac does not play with toys. He struggles to engage with other people and gets so frustrated at not being able to communicate.
He does not want anything for Christmas and gets so upset that all his favourite places to go (places with lifts!) are closed over Christmas. To help him cope with this a friend set up a Facebook page – @giftalifttoisaac – where people all over the world can help him just by taking a photo of a lift or a short video saying ‘hi Isaac’ and uploading to the page. These will be made into his own DVD and interactive photo frame for Christmas so he can have his ‘lift fix’ whenever he needs or wants.
What we are hoping is YOU will join in with this request, especially those of you who so badly want to help and wish you could find something – this is YOUR chance to help! The best thing you could do is get someone to arrive by lift and as the doors open, and they leave, wave to the camera and say ‘hello Isaac’.
You ALL have a camera on your phone, they can all record video. Don’t forget to hold the camera horizontal – TV isn’t vertical! Sure you may feel a bit silly recording a lift arriving, but hey who cares, this is for an amazing little boys Christmas present.
If you work in an office share this around, see how many people you can get to join in, get stuck in and let’s make Isaac’s Christmas special and give him something that he will truly love. This costs NOTHING!
So, are YOU going to help? Or not? Go on!
You can either share your pictures and videos to this page or direct to Isaac’s page – @giftalifttoisaac
Some of the big lift companies are already involved and are sending Isaac some special gifts, but there are a LOT of lift companies around the world so feel free to hassle them.
You know how this really works though guys, the wider we share it, the more videos we are going to get. I need you to ‘like’ the post (or even better why not ‘love’ it), so it reaches more people, and then I need you to share it with your friends and family, and then tell them they need to do the same, and their friends and family need to do the same, and so on…
Let’s help Isaac and his family out here, we know how much our children can need these things, as strange as it may sound to you Isaac loves lifts, so let’s ensure he doesn’t have to struggle over Christmas and instead has the most wonderful gift he has EVER received.
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  1. Flash Bristow on Monday 27th November 2017 at 11:40 am

    What’s Isaac’s comprehension like? I’m a wheelchair user so I’m often in lifts; if I compiled a video of my favourite lifts and gave a sentence about each one to say why it’s cool, would that be appropriate?

    • Marc Carter on Monday 27th November 2017 at 7:58 pm

      He doesn’t have much understanding, but there would be no harm in you saying why each one is cool, he may pick things up from it!

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