Can we find George’s scooter?

This is our buddy, George. He is 9 years old and lives with his family in Manchester and has Autism, he is obsessed with In The Night Garden, it’s his only interest and has been since he was very young. George has almost everything from the merchandise range, his mum told us:

“We find it so incredibly difficult to buy for him as he struggles with Christmas and his birthday and prefers to hide away. For the past few months he’s been staring at a scooter on Google to the point where we have had to make him a laminate of it so he can take it everywhere with him, we know he is desperate for this as his communication can be quite difficult he points to it every day”

So we are searching for an In The Night Garden ‘Go Pog Bubble Scooter’ as per the images.
The family have searched everywhere and contacted the production company asking about this scooter. It’s not on sale anywhere, but people will have these at home that their child has grown out of.

To be clear George’s parents are not asking for a donation they will happily buy it from someone if it can be tracked down and of course cover postage costs.

George’s mum continued:
“I was wondering if you could help us, we would love to make George’s Christmas by getting him one of these, we are just struggling to find one, to see him smile on Christmas Day would make our dream come true as he struggles so much xxx thank you xxx

“George has hypotonia too so probably wouldn’t use the scooter, he’d be too big for it anyway, but he would just be in awe of it.

“He deserves the world, he struggles on a daily basis, and all he keeps doing is looking at this pic of the scooter. The sad thing about this is it wouldn’t affect him if I didn’t get it as he doesn’t understand. It’s affecting his dad and me more because he never asks for anything. Every year birthdays and Christmas I usually spend half my day in tears as it just gets too much for him and he ends up in his tent, but this year he actually looks quite excited about Christmas.”

Now, usually, I write the searches but I can’t better the words from this young man’s mum. I have to include this last sentence as it’s lovely. George’s mum ended with:
“Just to add, his older brothers Ben and Jack absolutely adore him and really do make me and dad so proud the way they are with their brother, so attentive, and willing to do everything they can for him, we really couldn’t be prouder.”
How beautiful is that?

So guys, let’s do what we do best and get sharing, you might not have an In The Night Garden Scooter but somebody will have, and by SHARING we will reach them.

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  1. Katie on Saturday 21st April 2018 at 3:22 pm

    There is a scooter on Ebayuk at present (21/4/2018) item number 192512326051. It has 5 days to bid and is currently £19.99 plus p&p

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