Chris Packham talks openly about his Autism only to get abuse from the Daily Mail

Chris Packham had an interview with a national newspaper where he talked about his Autism (Aspergers).  In the interview, he talked about his relationship with animals and how his love for his dog was so different to his love for his girlfriend, but they were both so important.

The Daily Fail (Mail) picked this up and decided to write a story about how ‘Chris Packham’s dog is more important to him than his girlfriend’.  Not only is this not true, it’s hurtful to both Chris and his girlfriend, potentially their families too, and it’s purely done to sell copy.

Since then Chris has done another interview with The i News where he talks about how the Daily Fail has tried to make him look a freak;

“I try to explain what Aspergers is like & you print a headline contrived to make me look a freak.”

I’m glad Chris has done this, it was brave of him to do the original interview and open himself up to questions and comments (let’s face it, he didn’t need to say anything to anyone), the Fail did not need to jump on his words to make a controversial headline to sell a few more papers.  I know they are desperate, but they need to grow up.  I guess it gave Muslims a day off though, a group of people constantly attacked by the same bin-liner newspaper.

You can read the full article by Serina Sandhu at iNews



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