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Absolutely wonderful group, and so many happy faces!! Have to love a happy ending so really enjoy seeing the thank you posts. Never know, one of these days something from my insane cuddly toy collection or similar might help!

— Rebecca Burton

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My new project

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a new brand.  as much as I like being the...

Points of Light Award

I was very surprised to hear I had been given a Points of Light Award by the Prime Minister on...

Wonder why we do what we do?

Some of you may remember 10-year-old Kye from Staffordshire.  He had lost his special friend...

No Lights, Camera, Action

In January 2018 I plan to start filming with families who have Autistic children.  I will be...

Support Us

We have helped 159 families find 1597 items. Not bad going eh! Just think what we could do if we...

Can YOU Help Us?

You know how we help so many families? And so many people say we are doing amazing work and how...

About LittleBlueCup

The home of LittleBlueCup, created by Marc – @GrumpyCarer as a simple project to help...


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