Can YOU Help Us?

You know how we help so many families? And so many people say we are doing amazing work and how wonderful it is?

We would really appreciate a little help ourselves.

We have grown from a tiny page that started as a thank you, to over 10k Followers, and helping dozens of families a month.

We are just volunteers, the Page itself basically costs nothing to run, except it’s managed by the bigger Project that costs money – to host and develop the website, the email system, the social media management system – and there is even a ‘system’ being built to manage searches.

Currently, we are running on thin air, all the money we have been donated has long gone, our monthly costs are approximately £356 without anything like wages our own expenses, Marc is covering this from his own pocket.

To get on with the bigger Project, to challenge the conversation around Autism, to prove the needs of our children both now and as they grow into adults, to make an impact…. we need equipment, we need resources, we need to pay for skills. Oh, and we need to pay the bills!

Some people just simply can’t afford to buy that item they so badly need or pay the postage. We will never let them go without, we always step in.

We need money. We are going to grow and grow and make a difference, make that impact, educate, show the World. But we need YOUR help.

As well as the bigger Project we provide this amazing Page and are the last port of call for families in genuine need – look at some of the recent searches like Jake…

We want to take on Autism agendas worldwide and shake things up! We want to be the voice for our families and really start making a difference. We want to challenge the conversation, change the record. We want to continue our work with major companies to shape the way they provide items for children and adults with Autism so that eventually the need for our services reduces significantly. But even that costs money with train fares etc.

We don’t make a profit, every single penny raised goes into the Project so we can make a difference. Make that impact.

We know some of you simply won’t be able to donate, and that is of course absolutely fine. Maybe you could share the Facebook post with your friends and family and encourage them to consider helping LittleBlueCup? Pretty please?

If you are able to donate through GoFundMe then thank you, we are so very grateful for your kindness and generosity. Even a couple of pounds would be amazing and if enough of you donated just that it would transform our little Project and allow us to make more of an impact.

Click Here for the Fundraising Page


Thank you for your continued support.
Allan, Carly, Marc &
The LittleBlueCup Team xx

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