Can YOU help Lewis have a Happy Birthday?

This is our new friend Lewis. He is 10 but will be 11 in a few weeks. Lewis has an awesome personality and finds the most unusual things funny, normally retrieved from YouTube! He lives with his family in Preston, Lancashire.

Lewis has complex needs he has severe learning difficulties along with Autism, sensory modulation dysfunction, SLCN, verbal dyspraxia, hyperacusis and hypermobility. So he has a hard time day to day and his lovely Mum will do anything she can to support him in his journey, and he knows Mum never breaks promises!

Recently Lewis has discovered a toy on YouTube and he finds the trumpet noise on it hilarious, he records it to comfort himself using his talking tin! Last week he pointed to the toy on YouTube and then got last years birthday card, which he keeps in his room as it has Disney characters on it, and that meant he’d like one for his next birthday on Feb 3rd.

Mum said ‘yes’ but didn’t know what she was getting into! Lewis’ Mum tells us:

“I have tried everywhere, literally, and have only found one in the US but it has parts missing which would frustrate Lewis. I literally am on a 4-week countdown to find this toy and I really need your help to fulfil my promise to him!!!

“I am looking forward to Lewis’ 11th birthday but also living in dread of him waking up and not getting this present from me which I’ve promised him. Please please is this something you think you can help with I think it’s about 9 years since it’s been manufactured and retailed for approx £40 on Amazon thank you soooo much.”

The Disney Tigger and Pooh My Friends Super Sleuth Changing Tree was made by Fisher Price approx 8 years ago and were also for sale in the US. It won’t be being sold anywhere new, we are currently helping to secure one on eBay and Shpock but neither is a guarantee. So we are hoping somebody has one in a cupboard!

So guys, let’s do what we do best and get sharing, you might not have a Super Sleuth Changing Tree, but somebody will have and by SHARING we will reach them.

Let’s help Lewis and his family by sharing this as far and wide as we possibly can. We have thousands of new friends to help spread the message, if you are here to help this is your chance, it’s not about ‘Oh I have one of those in the cupboard’, it’s about sharing the searches.

Please like or love the post (love is nicer, isn’t it), leave a comment as that makes Facebook share it with more people, and share with every one of your friends and family, then tell THEM to share, like and comment, and so on.

Ready… Steady… SHARE!!


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  1. Lisa on Friday 5th October 2018 at 7:31 am

    I found one on ebay … … Not my listing. Hope this helps.

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