Meet our new little friend – Lauren. This little cutie is 9, from Crawley in beautiful West Sussex.

Lauren’s mental age is 11 months, and unlikely to improve. She is also Autistic, non-verbal, and has profound learning difficulties. Lauren can’t walk far or wear shoes as her feet need surgery, they are in the wrong positions, so these gorgeous Princess socks keep her warm

Please don’t suggest something similar or slightly different, she will not wear any other socks at all – mum has bought loads trying!

These are gripped at the bottom, pink and fluffy, but totally falling apart. Even getting them off and washing them is a challenge! They are size 9-12, Lauren’s feet are very small, but any size is worth a try.

Lauren is attached to these socks and her hat, thankfully they have spare hats but we may have a search for more at some point!

If you can help Lauren then please comment below and/or message us directly.

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