This is our friend Kira, she is 20 and lives in Wiltshire.
Kira has a profound learning disability, severe autism, unmanaged epilepsy, is non-verbal and has extremely challenging behaviours. Kira tries to use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) but likes to walk around with the pictures rather than use them for communicating. She attempts to use Makaton, but because she doesn’t watch the signs and has poor motor skills, her attempts usually don’t work, meaning her anxieties rise rapidly.
The mixer in the picture is her favourite toy ever, and they seem almost impossible to find as they must be at least 15 years old now. There is also a generic version floating around, the sounds are identical, and it’s this that is important, not the colour. However, it does need to be the exact shape, size etc.
Kira is extremely violent when her anxieties kick in, and this toy, along with her mp3 player, helps to keep her calm and enables her to moderate her behaviour. It is especially useful for medical appointments as a distraction aid and, well, basically this toy is about as important as things get for this family. Some context for you – Kira is down to her last mixer now. Unfortunately, it went wrong a few months ago, and she just couldn’t cope with it, resulting in her assaulting her Dad quite badly.
So the mixer was branded as ‘Bang on the Door’, but we don’t know who the actual manufacturer was. It could be that it’s branded as something completely different, and the colour isn’t important, it’s the noises it makes and the shape and design that are important – it has to be identical to the one in the pictures other than the colour and stickers.
So guys, let’s do what we do best and get sharing, you might not have a Bang on the Door Mixer but somebody will have, and by SHARING we will reach them.
Let’s help Kira and her family by sharing this as far and wide as we possibly can. We have thousands of new friends to help spread the message, if you are here to help this is your chance, it’s not about ‘Oh I have one of those in the cupboard’, it’s about sharing the searches.
Please like or love the post (love is nicer, isn’t it), leave a comment as that makes Facebook share it with more people, and share with every one of your friends and family, then tell THEM to share, like and comment, and so on.
Ready… Steady… SHARE!!
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