Corey is 5 and very nearly 6. He lives in Wiltshire with his Mum, Dad and new born little sister who he’s very proud of. Corey’s been diagnosed with Autism since the age of 2, he’s also non-verbal. Corey will only drink out of this particular Tommee Tippee beaker in Green and Orange. Mum has several of the same beakers in blue but he just won’t touch them, it has to be this orange / green colour.

Corey is down to his last 3, they managed to source one from eBay, and have struggled to find anymore. The family have asked on Facebook to see if any friends/family knew of anyone who had this laying around in their cupboards.

Typically, as in the case of so many of our children, the family get and are totally sick of comments like “if he’s thirsty he will drink…” this simply isn’t the case, but we know everybody here understands this. That’s not how their Autism works, they are not “stubborn” it’s just their way of feeling in control and this this is Corey’s “safe” beaker.

Corey’s not eaten a hot meal in two years this October. Food the family can cope and manage with, fluid, on the other hand, is imperative as we know. We have told you several times about Ben dehydrating, this stuff is real.

Remember guys, this green/orange colour, not blue, yellow, red, or anything else!

Let’s get busy searching!

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