Evie is 4yrs old, and lives in Thamesmead with her mummy and daddy, and 4 siblings including twin 22-month-old brothers. Evie was diagnosed with Autism this year. She can have aggressive tendencies when overwhelmed or not coping and especially with dramatic or sudden change. Evie has sensory issues involving her head, face, hands and feet. She speaks with an American accent and can only follow two key word sentences.

Evie has a Simba security blanket/comforter that was bought before she was born. Simba and Evie do everything together (including being part of a wedding) and Simba is Evie’s best friend.

Evie is extremely attached to Simba to the point that when mum has to take Simba away to wash and dry Evie will scream and cry the whole time.

Evie is obsessed with Disney and has conversations reciting lines from Disney films or cartoons. Evie is also partially sighted and only has 40% vision and she also has squints affecting both eyes. There is also a query that she may have ADHD but Peads are looking into this.

Simba is sadly falling apart. They only have one and this was bought while Evie was in her mummy tummy back in 2013. Simba has had quite a few repairs and numerous ‘operations’ and stitching and after 4 years of constant love is becoming very very worn.

There is even a tag attached in case Simba is lost so if that dreaded day ever came he could be reunited with Evie.

He was purchased from a Disney store and they have since been contacted here and in the US but sadly they no longer make this exact Simba. Both eBay and Amazon have been searched numerous times.

** This item may have come from Asda or Matalan. Remember it’s 5 years old. we have a Disney expert in the LittleBlueCup Crew and the label looks different to normal Disney merchandise, so if you did purchase one from another store and still have it check the pic’s just in case it’s the exact one.

Mum has tried other ‘Simba’s’ and other security blankets but Evie will simply not accept these.

Evie’s mummy told us:

“I’m asking you all and begging that this post is shared far and wide (even worldwide) to help us find another Simba so we have that in reserve should Evie’s Simba not make the next surgery or repair. Please do this for a little girl who never wants to lose her best friend.”

Simba is extremely loved and nothing compares. Simba has been repaired 8 times so far and will be due another soon. They need a spare Simba and a spare again as nobody is sure how much longer the original Simba will last and if Evie will ever be able to be without him.

Let’s get busy Sharing, Hearting and commenting on this, and then tell our friends and family they need to do the same, and then their friends and family they need to do the same. Don’t forget, we only find things because we spread the message, keeping it to ourselves isn’t really helping anyone.

Marc, Carly, Allan & the LittleBlueCup Crew xx

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