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Can YOU help Lewis have a Happy Birthday?

This is our new friend Lewis. He is 10 but will be 11 in a few weeks. Lewis has an awesome personality and finds the most unusual things funny, normally retrieved from YouTube! He lives with his family in Preston, Lancashire. Lewis has complex needs he has severe learning difficulties along with Autism, sensory modulation dysfunction, SLCN, verbal dyspraxia, hyperacusis and hypermobility. So he has a hard time day to day and his lovely Mum will do anything she can to support him in his journey, and he knows Mum never breaks promises! Recently Lewis has discovered a toy...

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Is Fibromyalgia a real condition?

I ask because apparently, I have it. At least I have something. It’s hard to test for fibromyalgia, an expert makes an informed decision, and then you either have it, or you don’t. My health condition is very real, so if I have fibromyalgia, then the answer is yes it’s real. But, and I’m struggling with this as I don’t wish to offend an entire community, is it actually fibromyalgia or do I have something else? It seems that they package up a complex collection of health needs and stick this label on it. I was tested for everything...

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Help Robbie find some beakers

  This is our new buddy, Robbie, and he really needs your help to track down some blue ‘Tommee Tippee Big Swig’ beakers. Robbie has Dravet Syndrome, an SCN2A gene mutation. This means he has profound learning difficulties (he functions at roughly only 9 months cognitively); uncontrolled multi-seizure epilepsy; and autism. He is now 33 years old and is doing extremely well for someone with his prognosis. Tommee Tippee used to make these blue beakers, as part of their Big Swig range. When Robbie’s parents realised that they weren’t being made anymore, they bought all that they could, but...

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Points of Light Award

I was very surprised to hear I had been given a Points of Light Award by the Prime Minister on Boxing Day.  For those of you who, like myself, had no idea what the award was about it is given to people for volunteering, every day somebody else is awarded.  My day is 26th December, I am number 864. Here is the certificate I received and the text from the website, which you can also get to by clicking the logo above: LittleBlueCup 864. Marc Carter (North Devon) Marc Carter, from North Devon, founded ‘LittleBlueCup,’ an ambitious project that...

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LittleBlueCup Needs YOUR Help To Grow

LittleBlueCup Needs YOUR Help To Grow £30 of £1,000 raised LittleBlueCup does a lot to help families, but through the broader LittleBlueCup Project, we want to do so much to help many more amazing families and help change the perception of and conversation around Autism, learning disabilities and special needs. To do this, we need your help. If you can afford to make a small one-off donation, then please do. If you’d like to help even more and can pledge a small monthly amount (starting at just $1), then you can become one of our very special Patrons. Just visit Patreon for more information. Please, help us to do so much more, help us to pay the bills to keep the lights on and help us to grow so we can make an even more significant difference with our wider LittleBlueCup Project. Help us to help others. Together we can make a difference. £ Donation Amount: £2.00£5.00£10.00£20.00£50.00£100.00Give a Custom Amount Select Payment Method PayPal Personal Info First Name * Last Name Email Address * Donation Total:...

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