Author: Marc Carter

Gift a lift to Isaac

Meet our new friend Isaac from South Lanarkshire in Scotland. Isaac is 9 years old and is a twin, he lives with his parents and his sister Naomi – who, I’m informed, absolutely adores him.   Isaac has very complex needs, having a diagnosis of severe autism (he is non-verbal), significant learning difficulties, neurofibromatosis type 1, visual impairment and a tumour on his brain.   Isaac loves routine, Bing Bunny on CBeebies, and eating!   But his favourite thing of all is lifts! He watches them on YouTube at any opportunity. From the age of 3, Isaac has adored...

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Wonder why we do what we do?

Some of you may remember 10-year-old Kye from Staffordshire.  He had lost his special friend – Doggy Woof-Woof – a green dog made by Tommee Tippee many years ago.  Tommee Tippee had forgotten they even made soft toys so couldn’t help us, and we really thought the search would go nowhere. Until someone stepped forward with exactly what Kye needed. Watch this lovely young man being reunited with his best friend.  Watch to the end – its only 60 seconds – as it all gets a bit much for him, have your tissues at the ready… THIS is why...

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Urine idiot

You’re an idiot – urine idiot – get it? Not you, I doubt you are an idiot, in fact, most people are sensible and understand the need for everyone to be able to use a toilet. How can it possibly be acceptable to have to lay on a cold, dirty toilet floor to get changed? The Changing Places campaign has jumped on the John Lewis Christmas advert and is using the ridiculous amount of money JL proudly proclaimed they had spent as a stick to beat them with, over their disinterest in installing suitable changing facilities in their stores....

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364 days later

364 days.  That’s how long it took.  On Monday something amazing happened, here’s the short version shared from a Facebook post I wrote at the time:   Tomorrow is the anniversary of the tweet asking if anyone had a little blue cup. The tweet went viral, #CupForBen travelled the world and strangers donated cups from their cupboards. Ben, however, refused to use a different cup, he knew which was his and the rest could go in the bin. No tricks worked, we tried everything. Today I’ve been writing an article that will go live tomorrow, and this evening Ben...

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Help Erin find a new blue Kitty

Meet Erin, our new friend from Wirral in Merseyside. Erin is 9 years old and has a very special blue cat called Kitty that means the world to her. Kitty is so well loved that it’s actually wearing out, and Mum is now scared to wash it in case it falls apart. Kitty came from one of those grab machines where you have to pick up a toy with a crane. This machine is in New Brighton in Wirral and is a win every time machine costing £1 a go. Kitty was won 4 to 5 years ago now....

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