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Can we find George’s scooter?

This is our buddy, George. He is 9 years old and lives with his family in Manchester and has Autism, he is obsessed with In The Night Garden, it’s his only interest and has been since he was very young. George has almost everything from the merchandise range, his mum told us: “We find it so incredibly difficult to buy for him as he struggles with Christmas and his birthday and prefers to hide away. For the past few months he’s been staring at a scooter on Google to the point where we have had to make him a...

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Help us find Leo’s Discovery Cylinder

Meet Leo. Leo is 7 and suffers from mowat-wilson syndrome, along with other sensory issues. His favourite toy is the Early Learning Centre Fabric Shape Sorting drums (Now very discontinued). It goes everywhere with him as you can see 🙂. This is the toy that calms him down when he is having a bad time, Let’s get him stocked up as they don’t last forever and he will need a lot of spares for the years ahead. Can you help Leo out? Thanks...

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We need help to find Lily’s trousers

Hi, LittleBlueCup Followers. Meet Lily! Lily is an identical twin and is starting year 4 at school soon. Lily loves rabbits and the colour pink! She also loves Lego, riding her bike and playing on her iPad. Lily has autism, selective mutism, sensory processing disorder, asthma, eczema and psoriasis. Because of this she really struggles with any changes and has grown incredibly attached to her leggings (It’s all she wears!) , She is in size 7-8 at the moment and mum got them from Tesco now the issue is they don’t sell them any more poor mum has looked...

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We need help to find Issac’s hat

Hey, Everyone! This rather cool chap is Isaac I think he would make a great joker look at that grin. So basically on Holiday Isaac put his hat down and by the time he realized someone had taken it! This has caused a number of issues for the little fella as he was seriously attached to it! It was made by J by Jasper, bought from Debenhams in 2015, It was age 7-10 It was a trilby style hat, blue denim, with a spot pattern woven into the fabric, a plain denim band around it, with an embroidered ?lion...

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