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The home of LittleBlueCup, created by Marc – @GrumpyCarer as a simple project to help parents and carers of children and adults with Autism, special needs, and disabilities. This project is about empowering, sharing and caring. He shares his life as a full-time carer to his three children, his struggles with his own mental health, and lots of things he think are interesting and you may find interesting too.

#LittleBlueCup happened when social media allowed people around the world to share – #CupForBen – a nice story about a child who desperately needed a LittleBlueCup. It was a small request that got the most incredible response. I want to pay the internet back. This is my little tiny way: if you care for someone with disabilities or special needs and they need a cup, bottle or anything else, something small that keeps them happy, healthy and from having the most challenging times, please let us know and we will search the Internet together.

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  1. Jan Archer on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Can you let me know how i can see all the items you are looking for please? Is their a website that lists the items you are looking for? I also have a very autistic grandson so understand how attached children become to certain things and i have have loads of older bits and pieces which might be on your list and would willingly donate them. Just off to look for a beaker from todays appeal!

    Thank you.

    • Marc Carter on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at 2:27 pm

      Best place to look Jan is our Facebook page. Just scroll through the searches. We are working on having a wall of items we need finding, watch this space!!

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