364 days.  That’s how long it took.  On Monday something amazing happened, here’s the short version shared from a Facebook post I wrote at the time:


Tomorrow is the anniversary of the tweet asking if anyone had a little blue cup. The tweet went viral, #CupForBen travelled the world and strangers donated cups from their cupboards.

Ben, however, refused to use a different cup, he knew which was his and the rest could go in the bin. No tricks worked, we tried everything.

Today I’ve been writing an article that will go live tomorrow, and this evening Ben was in a lovely relaxed mood. So I thought I’d try just switching the base of his cup for a brand new one made especially for Ben by the amazing Tommee Tippee.

To our surprise he didn’t flinch, just used the cup before asking for more toast and juice. Should I? Is it worth the risks?

I went for it. I swapped the top for a brand new one and took it in. I closed his curtains and tidied his bed (Ben only eats in his bedroom) keeping an eye on him. He was looking at the lid closely, then he was feeling it, smelling, before taking a sip.

He quickly threw the cup down, I thought that was it, but after more toast, he picked up the cup and drank again. And again, and again. Then he asked for more toast, we took the cup back in once refilled and he’s eaten and drunk the juice.

So 364 days later it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’! From now on we will swap the cup out every time it starts to show any sign if wear, that way we should never have to go through this again.

I can’t stop grinning, it won’t mean anything to most of you but to us, this is as big as it gets.

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