Hi, LittleBlueCup Followers.

Meet Lily!

Lily is an identical twin and is starting year 4 at school soon.
Lily loves rabbits and the colour pink! She also loves Lego, riding her bike and playing on her iPad.
Lily has autism, selective mutism, sensory processing disorder, asthma, eczema and psoriasis. Because of this she really struggles with any changes and has grown incredibly attached to her leggings (It’s all she wears!) , She is in size 7-8 at the moment and mum got them from Tesco now the issue is they don’t sell them any more poor mum has looked everywhere so would be amazing if we can find a few pairs for her (Slightly Bigger will help as well) but they need to be like in the picture other ones just won’t cut it with our Lily.

She is off on her Holidays soon and is excited but anxious about it, She needs another set of leggings or poor Mum will be finding the local launderette to get her trousers washed.

So come on LittleBlueCup friends, Do you have a set of these leggings you can spare to help Lily out.



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